​​100% waste-free, natural alternatives to single-use plastic products

​About Us...

We searched high and low for environmentally friendly reusable produce bags, but found that most bags for sale still contained plastic elements.
​I decided to start making my own from 100% natural, biodegradable materials. This way I was in complete control of the quality, I could now share these amazing bags with anyone else who wanted to own them, and I was able to make sure the value was unparalleled.
​​Our planet has provided us with every single thing we need to love, flourish and grow. This is one way you can return a tiny portion of that gift. You too can Love My Planet!

​With hope and thanks
​Briody xx
​The concept for Love My Planet reusable produce bags was developed in 2016. It was borne out of frustration about the limited choices that we, as consumers, were given in how to purchase, transport and store our beautiful fresh produce.
​It was around this time that my son and I endeavoured to reduce our use of single-use plastic products. We also started educating ourselves on the devastating effect that these products were having on our planet.
We were particularly concerned with the threat single-use plastic products posed to our oceans and marine life.